Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guest Blog: Wendy Ewurum and The Fabulosity Reads Blog

As the e-book market continues to grow ( Sometimes,by the hour ), marketing in any capacity becomes a very important tool. No matter how well your book reads, it’s tough to get sales if nobody knows it exists. A blog tour- especially a world-wide blog tour, can be very helpful in getting your book into the hands of readers eager to read it.

This is where online networking becomes important. My blog, What Brick Wall, would like to present, Wendy Ewurum and her networking service, Fabulosity Reads.
Welcome Wendy!

This is a great service you provide authors, Wendy. Tell us all about it….

What inspired it?
Book tours are a service that allows a book to be seen by a wide audience within a short space of time. You get back links from well read blogs which not only increases your search-abiliy but provides focused attention on your book for a period of time. You can do this as an author of course but the getting these result would need complete and utter time commitment from yourself, time taken away from other areas of your life including writing.

I love being here to assist writers get the work seen and appreciated by a wider audience while they continue being creative. My service allows that.

How long have you been doing it?
I’ve been running free promotions from my blog for the last three years. But the paid service part of it only started of recent but I am very blessed to have had wonderful clients who love the product and quality.

How popular has it become since then?
Well let me put it this way, as a self promoter, I am the equivalent of a reclusive writer.  So I know that I had to have a different approach and mine has been to completely focus on word of mouth promotion. That means making sure that my product and services are unparalleled.

I’m happy to say that all the clients I have so far come from referrals of those I’ve served. In fact several of my clients have completed a tour and booked the next immediately even if anticipated release is months away.

An author CAN market their book online and be effective in small ways but buying some marketing raises the potential of better sales. What are the costs to an author involved here?
 Well I can only speak for my own services here.

I believe my prices are about average to just above that of most companies and well under the higher priced ones.

There are many cheaper options out there but to be cheaper you have to balance that with high volumes of clients to make it worth your while as a business. And as a client you get what you pay for.

I prefer to take in no more than 4 clients in a month so that I can give personalized focus to my client. This is one of the things that most of my existing clients rave about. I prefer to spend my time promoting your books on social media well over what a normal book tour offers and money on graphics to make sure that my client’s image is not only complimented but enhanced….here are some examples of my badges I get done for books:

I get book trailers created complimentary because visuals are significantly influence the impact your product has in promotions.

I spend untold amounts of time running social media campaigns.

So no, I’m not the cheapest on the market when you can get a tour for $15 out there but I make paying a medium fee of $85 worth every penny.

My lowest fee is $40 which is for a days cover reveal and the highest is $295 which is a 4 week long social media driven book tour. That’s like a book tour with a social media drive on steroids.

Do you plan to continue this service?
Oh yes I love it. I still do free promotions because the most important reason why I do this is to get books read and encourage writers to write in my own little way. So when an author asks me to help them with managing a giveaway or promote their product in another way. I do my best to chip in because I’d hate to see a good book struggle because of money.

But the paid service allows me to continue to do this because I have a family and responsibilities too. I decided to persue this and the expense of my career as a education and training professional but I am still financially accountable to my family.

You’re based in South Africa. What’s the feedback been like? Do a number of writers let you know that they have seen an increase in world- wide traffic and fan response to their work?
 Actually all my clients are American and last week I had two requests from the UK…those are the people who promote me. I just love you guys. Most of my work in South Africa is on the free promotions side because South Africa does not have a reading culture (**weeps** ) and our writers really struggle. This is my way of helping out.

What are your thoughts on the state of literacy in the world?
 Oh gosh, are you intentionally trying to depress me? (**laughs**)

It is tragic. Book stores closing all over the show.

Children preferring television and games to reading?

It is a sad state of affairs. But I do believe that if we, the readers encourage those within our own sphere of influence to read, we can make a difference.  I read one study that was done in the states saying something like one out of seven or something adults read a book in a 12 month period.

My plan for 2014 is to start a fantasy fest for teens. The plan is to get surrounding schools help me organize these events. Hopefully start creating pockets of kids getting together in book clubs.

Each of us can be inundated daily by ads and commercials that push a variety of entertainment options such as film, television, and especially online entertainment. It seems to me that the simple, quiet act of reading a book continues to struggle for attention. What, if anything, can each author do to encourage people to take advantage of reading as an important entertainment option?
Again for me, before you step outside as an adult ,we need to start at home. 

I’m an aspiring writer so I have a vested interest in making sure that my household reads. I made sure to set a few minutes each day (15 min) where everyone would sit together and curls up with a book. Their own book in the comfort spot.

As time has gone by its increased on its own…now my 14 year old son spends an hour or two a day with a book. And the most complimentary thing he ever said was: "Mom these Harry Potter books are so much better than the movie…..they really spoilt the books. " This is an ardent Harry Potter movie nut.I find adults a bit difficult to deal with when talking change of habits but the children we influence today are also gonna be adults tomorrow, that’s where I prefer to start.

You sell products through Fabulosity Reads as well. Tell us a bit about this…..
 Well Fabulosity Reads is my main blog where I do most of my free promotional work like, reviews, interviews, giveaway hosting, guest posting, social media tutorials, etc.

Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is where I organize the book blog tours.

Now, if you don’t mind, tell us a bit about yourself.
 Well I’m a Xhosa chick….I don’t know if you’ve ever met one of those. I’m from the most beautiful city in the world…I’m sure a light exaggeration but it might as well being so beautiful. I live with my family of four kids and one  husband and six fishes in Johannesburg.

I have two dreams: 1 to write and 2. To be a pioneer blogger…I’m the only black person that does that I know of in my community on and offline and that needs to change. 

Blogging is a great opportunity to improve literacy, communication skills and income generation.

Finally how can people get in touch with you?
They can do so through my email:
Free promotion:

I am also available on the web:

 Thanks so much Wendy and much luck to you in the new year!


Kiru Taye said...

Wishing you all the best for 2014, Wendy!

Wendy Ewurum said...

Thank you so much Kiru...wonderful of you to have dropped in.

Kate Campbell said...

Such an enthusiastic and inspiring lady. I like Wendy a lot and think she offers a lot to the book blogging community.

Wendy Ewurum said...

That is such a wonderful thing to say Kate. Thank you so much.