Thursday, November 10, 2016

This is the cover to my book A Strange Life, which is due out in December (The book is actually on sale at amazon now but I wanted a new cover for it)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

PRE ORDER now- receive it Dec 15th!

All the stories are good but if you're following me my story is called EGGNOG,TINSEL AND TERROR! Its about a cop chasing a serial killer through a neighborhood on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Angel
Angel was seven when tragedy struck. It's Christmas morning and Angel is found hanging in front of the Christmas Tree.
Years later, the old Christmas Tree is put up and strange things begin to happen...

The Glass Bauble
When a young man’s fiancĂ©e goes missing in New England, his search leads him on a
path filled with nightmares and delusions.

Christmas in the Shadows of the Gallows
This Christmas, Jane Thomas will have her eyes opened to experiences she never knew existed. Only to have them closed permanently by the same man that gave her this gift.

Eggnog, Tinsel and Terror!
Christmas eve: A night of last minute shoppers, cops hoping for a quiet shift, and a serial killer in the middle of his latest victim.

The Scribe
It's Christmas Eve and Christopher, an old scribe residing in an abandoned hermitage, is translating a mysterious scroll thought to be related to the birth of Christ. As candlelight flickers, he transcribes the story of Pelznickle; the words that will unleash the wrath of the real Kris Kringle.

The Ghost of Christmas past
Santa’s not the only one visiting this home for Christmas. An unfaithful husband finds himself being tormented by a spirit that knows his secret. In the sleepy little town on Higglesworth the ghost of a Christmas past will deliver a very deadly present.

Unjoyful Noise
On this holiday season, the songs in the air brings forth death everywhere.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More stories coming....

And no, KISS is no the only story I have in this anthology ( see below).

There is a holiday anthology coming out in December that has seven dark tales

Mine is titled...Twas the night before Christmas. Which is about a serial killer working on Christmas Eve.
Yes, its a darker tone than my usual stuff but i'm experimenting in order to try to reach a larger audience.

And speaking of "usual stuff" I AM hard at work on the next Nick Crowell novella. It'll be another few months and I ask your patience. Thanks

Binge a book!

Do something different this weekend...binge an anthology instead of a TV series....

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pre Order the book!

You can pre order the ebook format here

Scroll down a little to see all the promo posters !!

Story Blurbs !!!

Here are the blurbs of some of the stories you will read in the dark anthology, Once Upon A Cursed Time, due out Sept 24.

"A Game of Roses: Bocephus' Revenge" A brother's love tainted by shame and smeared with blood. Rumplestiltskin will never be the same.

"The Princess and the Pea" as retold by Steven Evans in "Prince Recreant" Three Women. Three Tests. One Crown.

The Japanese fairy tale, The Boy Who Drew Cats, as retold by R. B. Wood in "The Ink Washed Cat." A picture is worth a thousand corpses.

Step into the twisted mind of "Pin". She's had it with being a wooden girl. Pin's only wish is to turn into a real girl, and she'll do anything to make that happen. Anything . . . . J.L. Clayton takes the beloved fairy tale "Pinocchio" and carves out an unique tale of horror.

"Path of Thorns" All Ellie and Jack Trevellick have ever known is the harsh life in a Truro workhouse; all they’ve dreamed of is a good meal and a comfortable bed. When they’re sent out as part of a working party, a wrong turn brings them within grasp of those very things. But they soon learn that the wild beauty of the Cornish moorlands masks a dark and greedy heart.  Terri Nixon re-imagines the story of Hansel and Gretel, in Victorian England.

"The Kiss"  Frank Zubek re-imagines the story of the Princess and the Frog. Catherine feels trapped in her life helping her father pay off his farm debt to the queen. It would take a miracle to change her life path. And then one day she spots a talking frog in the royal garden. The myth is true! For some reason, the prince has been turned into a frog. Is the rest of the myth also true? That by kissing the frog, any woman in the kingdom will become his wife?

That's just six  of the fifteen dark fairytales you'll find in Once Upon A Cursed Time !! Available Sept 24 !

Monday, September 5, 2016

There's a new dark fairy tale anthology coming out Sept 24 and I have a story inside. Its a twisted take on the classic tale about the princess and the frog ( where she kisses him and he returns to human form) Its called The Kiss
Below are a number of promo posters for the anthology so you get an idea of what you'll be reading.....
Sept 24   On Kindle and also in paperback
Pre order now $ 2.99

sneak peek posters from anthology

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Typing as fast as I can

Finished a short story for The Bings Watching Cure-- an anthology that's pro reading
Its called Desperate Choices and if accepted it should be out in 2017

Finished THE KISS for a fantasy anthology
Its with an editor and then will be submitted to the anthology which is due out Sept 24

FINALLY working on the second ( of three) Nick Crowell novellas
I am on page 40 and I have 100 pages planned and outlined for the finished book
I HOPE to have it for sale for the holidays ( this year)

The writing is slow but steady in between work, sleep, insomnia, more work, traffic, watching too much you tube, more sleep..... heck, you know the drill.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Stories Coming

Yes, yes, I know I have been absent here. Sorry. But today I have news....
I have a new story due out Sept 24 in a dark fairytale anthology called Once Upon A Cursed Time
A new story in A Binge Watching Cure later in the year
And the next Nick Crowell that's even darker than the first one and its called Hunting Sheep
Hang in there with me I'll make it all worth the wait.